Meet the Jolina-Mosses and Keatons (BTS)

Justine and Marty Keaton seem to be that rare thing – Sunset Valley townies that very few people seem to have played: certainly I’ve only read a couple of blogs with them in (and those only recently), and so I wanted to play them and see what they were like. I gave Justine a makeover immediately because the way EA styled her did nothing for her. I think I’ve pretty much left Marty as he was, though.

Their story has kind of developed from what they wanted. The game sets Justine up to be a cop and Marty an athlete, but she wanted to join the architecture career and chucked up lots of artistic wants, so I changed her career path and made her LTW the one where you have to master painting and photography. He chucked up the want to be a firefighter so I let him – and a back-story was born.

Their house is relatively unchanged from the EA one – Justine will probably fix it up when she has time and when they have money, but it’s not their first priority. In the EA game they have a nursery set up, so I’ve left that there even though in the story it doesn’t exist yet (/lazy simmer).

When I play the architecture career with the Dayes, I just go for meeting the requirements, but this time I’m doing it to match the characters’ style as well.

I don’t have any active plans to play Billy Caspian, but you never know.

She got the chance to makeover the student halls as well – but they wanted their bathroom doing and I wasn’t changing it, so I simply replaced the existing stuff with… the same stuff.

I also took the liberty to decorate a couple more of their bedrooms as I’d only got round to doing three of them.

Don’t know what business students have with being so fussy!

I have a confession to make. When the Keatons start in the game, Justine’s pregnancy shows almost straight away, and I was so busy playing with the Jolina-Moss and Goth households that I forgot to keep my eye on the Keatons and they had the baby when I wasn’t ready. So I total killed him and got her pregnant again. Bad, bad simmer.

Anyway, to make up for this, she went to the spa, where various townies were kicking about, including the old dog lady from Apaloosa Plans, who’s apparently in the army now. Um, ‘kay, game, whatever.

When I clicked on the spa, I noticed a new (to me) interaction – to visit the matchmaker. I don’t know if this is an EA thing or a Twallan thing – anyone?

Jeannie Marshall, a sim I created for a GoS challenge a while ago, who will be living in the artist’s district once I build it, was kicking about, so I switched to her to get her to investigate. She had the option to choose a male to get the matchmaker to investigate so we chose a random member of the roller derby team. The pop up said he would be interested in her calling. So there we are. Maybe one day I’ll follow that up, but it seems more of a Dayes thing.

Also hanging about in town – more roller derby people: Dinah Mighty and Tiger Killy (and the guy Marty is talking to in the chapter is Barack O’Jammer).

Also in town, a household of single ladies: Emma Hatch, Olenski Populous, Tamara Donner and Tori whose-surname-I-forget. Tori and Tamara have had makeovers. I don’t know if I’ll play these guys or not yet, but I’m kind of intrigued because Tamara is a bitch in everyone else’s stories.

My sims have never really encountered her though, so we’ll see.

The noisiest stray cat ever stopped by their house. Maybe I’ll let them get a cat one day.

I’m away at the moment with limited computer access, so biographies and house tours will have to wait until I get back – but just a brief introduction to Rowan and Jamie – you’ll get to know them more very soon. Rowan is a spare of Cait Styxlady’s A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss – an excellent completed DITFT story, well worth your time! She offered him up as part of the casting call I had. I wasn’t sure where to place him at first, but I’d also had the idea of having Jamie Jolina in the hood, slightly older, with a man but no kids. Rowan seemed like he might fit the bill nicely.

Originally I thought Jamie would be about 40 or so but I have several sims in that bracket, so I’ve made her late 20s instead. I wasn’t anticipating playing her and Rowan, but when I did the ROS, they were the household designated ‘full control’ (i.e. I need to look after their needs, not story progression) so you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the earlier entries. I have no idea how their story will pan out. I made sure they were into each other (and they were – rolling up lots of flirt with each other etc wants) whilst shooting the prologue chapter before I committed them to each other, but they’re now boyfriend and girlfriend. Rowan is working at the science lab, but his LTW is to be the tinkerer and I am thinking about effectively turning him into the town handyman instead. They still live in Jamie’s house – but modified. I figured Rowan would have moved in and set to work on fixing and decorating – but you’ll see their house next time.


8 comments on “Meet the Jolina-Mosses and Keatons (BTS)

  1. Justine looks a lot better now. 🙂

    The Architectural Designer career is probably the most fickle profession in Ambitions. If you stray too far from what clients ask they get mad.

  2. I never realised Justine was pregnant when you first started, as they never end up having a baby in my game.
    The matchmaker comes with Twallen’s woohooer mod.
    Looking forward to more.

  3. I can’t waitfor more! I really love it, like I loved all your other stories (still reading some) and I’m looking forward the neighbourhood development! Can I link your WYDC and you main blog in mine?

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