The artists’ quarter (BTS)

The artists’ quarter is starting to take shape. I’ve got a warehouse which is going to double as an artists’ studio and gallery, and a set of flats where the local artists live.

I downloaded this apartment block by Ritsuka and fiddled with it so now the whole top floor is habitable – as one household, not several. There are three separate flats in the block, and five sims live there. There’s scope for more to move in downstairs – no plans for that yet, but it’s an option should gameplay and storylines lead that way.

The flat Ritsuka designed is pretty much as it was (although not all of the furniture works with Pets so have changed out a few items). Fia Magnus and George Saint live here.

I created these two for a GoS challenge originally. She’s a fashion designer. He works in… something like firefighting? They’re university sweethearts who are in their first home together.

As my adult sims haven’t had the chance to go to university, I’m giving them a few skill points to start them off. The artists all work as self-employed apart from Fia who’s in fashion design. This is the workshop end of their old warehouse – there are work spaces dedicated to creative writing, fashion, painting, sculpting, inventing and video art.

I’ve put some art around to make it feel a bit lived in. The art they actually produce will go into the gallery space and when there is sufficient art work, I’ll get them to hold an exhibition.

The gallery has a balcony area – all that’s up there at the moment is a bathroom, but I will probably add more rooms later.

Also in the artists’ quarter are Jeanie Marshall who wants to be a Descendant of Da Vinci so dabbles in several arts, and the Lobos sisters from Riverview – all grown up. Anita is the artist and is the one who lives in the artists’ district whilst Carlotta is in the military and temporarily living with her sister.

Jeanie’s flat is all contemporary furnishings and bright colours.

The sisters live in a somewhat more modest abode.


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