Tales of four families (BTS)

So, the Goths then. I always imagined Bella and Morty would have quite a hot sex life, and often an angry one. So apologies if you found their chapter a little ‘fruity’. There’s going to be some sex and swearing and possibly violence in Kingsfield from time to time, but I’ll always give a warning.

Morty’s a bad ‘un though. Every time I play another household he seems to have a woman in his thrall. He called both Jamie and Jeannie when I was at their homes.

Sheba, the Kline cat, wants to be his best friend.

Other than that, you kind of know how the Goths are doing from their last behind-the-scenes update.

Jamie keeps getting demoted – not sure I’ll write that in, but she sure ain’t progressing – hence their money troubles. Still, at least Rowan has remodelled Jamie’s house a bit – I kept some things as they were.

The Klines were another family I used to play in TS1. They were called Kleinhaus back then because they, er, lived in a small house. So witty.

Biographies will come at some point, but not yet as I don’t really have the motivation (sorry).

Ravi was the first sim I ever killed in any game. He was such a miserable so and so in TS1 that I murderised him – can’t remember whether it was by pool or fire though. For now I’m keeping him alive, but he better watch his back.

Rima and Cassandra were friends as kids and I’m really interested to see them as teens. Look what Rima rolled up as a want…

Saddest slumber party ever?

Rhana works in business – but probably not for much longer.

Mortimer is the town lothario and I’m not that interested in another sim being the same, but if he keeps rolling up these kind of wants…¬†(Zoe is one of the third year students, by the way). ¬†Also: he really hates Cassandra.

They live in one of the nicer SV houses – I haven’t modified it too much.

As for the McIrish/French home, I made over the sims a little but kept them similar to the characters EA created. I’d never played them before so was surprised Molly was a ‘heartbreaker’, but OK – we’ll go with this and let her be a bit flighty. The game has the two women as best friends, but they’re different ages and have little in common, so I’ve made them cousins instead as it seems a little more plausible.

The cat thing was accidental – the game offered River a pet from one of the phone opportunities you get when families have them for adoption. And now she wants to do the cat loving LTW.

Fiona works in science and wants to write sci-fi novels (her LTW is pro author), so this could be fun. With Sandi’s borthday on the horizon, they’ll also be host to my first neighbourhood party next play session.


3 comments on “Tales of four families (BTS)

      • I’ve never been able to attch to River though. I can never find any sympathy or any feeling at all for her. She’s always been a bit of a nothing Sim. It will be interesting to see how you go with her.

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