Meet the twenty-somethings (BTS)


OK, first things first. A seven-month absence from this blog? I know. It doesn’t feel that long, but here we are. Various reasons: my save file going a bit bonkers for a while, a LOT of real life, having a bit more fun playing the Dayes and the Knights… anyway, we’re back. How often I will update I can’t say, but hopefully more than I have been doing.


I only recently realised how many twenty-somethings this town has, so I thought I’d bring them together, in what’s essentially a direct continuation from the last post. My playing style is just to see where the mood takes me, and I happened to be flicking between the different people in their twenties the last couple of times I played.


You’ve already met the artists – but when we saw Anita last time, I don’t think Carlotta was there. I like the sisters, I think there’s interesting things that can happen with them. Fia and George don’t really speak and she and Anita do end up spending most of their time at the artists’ space. The exhibition is coming on so it might not be that long before it actually happens – within the next couple of posts, I expect.

th_TS3W 2013-01-04 20-17-41-05

Tamara’s attractiveness to men is genuine – we saw the Mortimer thing last time, but this happened when she chatted to Rowan, and Kenjo genuinely looked utterly forlorn the whole time she talked to Mortimer.

Tamara is in a shared house with Emma Hatch, Tori Kimura and Olenski Populous who was one of the kids in my WYDC challenge story. The very eagle-eyed among you may have spotted another familiar face from one of my stories…


…Alfie Win Kyoti also lives in the hood. As you’ll have seen from the chapter, there are a bunch of YAs from the EA hoods scattered about. No idea who I’ll actually play with, but that’s the fun of it, right?


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