The Goth household

Bella Goth

Age: 42

LTW: Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Bella was always destined to marry Mortimer. That’s what she believed when she was six years old, and no-one ever thought to suggest anything otherwise. After all, marrying your childhood sweetheart is incredibly romantic, and the Bachelors were always a romantic family. Bella paid little heed to all the attention she got from men as a teenager and young woman, for she was deeply in love with Mortimer. Only in her dreams, she was also a rich film star, living it up in Cannes and Hollywood, whilst Mortimer was a Noble-Prize winning Professor. Now, with two children, a house she can barely stand living in and no fixed job, Bella is reconsidering the choices she’s made…

Bella’s Mosaic

Name: Bella

Favourite drink: Special Manhattan

Favourite colour: Crimson

Favourite weather: The sunset after a storm

Dream activity: Dining in a Michelin-star restaurant

Favourite dessert: Chocolate cherry torte

Something I love: Sex in satin sheets

One word that describes me: Sensual

Something else about me: This was different in my dreams

Mortimer Goth

Age: 42

LTW: Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder

Mortimer Goth should have been an outsider at school. He was awkward and gawky and interested more in searching for galaxies and dissecting frogs than in playing football or getting drunk. His family were known as ‘weirdos’ in town, and living in an old house that everyone else found creepy didn’t help matters. But somehow, before they were old enough to form preconceived prejudices before friendships, he ended up getting to know a little girl named Bella, and she ended up being his best friend, his partner and his salvation. He always thought they dreamed the same things, but over the past few years he’s found it harder to progress in his career, and Bella has seemed increasingly frustrated.

Mortimer’s Mosaic

Name: Mortimer

Favourite drink: Vintage deep red wine

Favourite colour: Charcoal

Favourite weather: Crisp mornings

Dream activity: Wine-tasting in the South of France

Favourite dessert: Apple strudel

Something I love: Admiration

One word that describes me: Driven

Something else about me: I had it all mapped out

Cassandra (Cass) Goth

Age: 13

Traits: Genius, bookworm, hopeless romantic, good

Cassandra was the apple of her dad’s eye. Mortimer always encouraged her to play chess, search for stars and work hard at school. Bella wanted to encourage her daughter to pursue other goals, to be more sociable, to be her own person and not simply a clone of her father, but Cassandra’s lack of enthusiasm for pursuits Bella tried to get her to engage in like ballet or drama seemed to only reinforce Mortimer’s perception that he was right, although Cassandra secretly found the amount of pressure her dad put on her rather annoying. With both parents often busy, Cassandra spent much of her childhood alone in her room doing her homework and secretly writing stories. Four years ago her life changed. She knew something was up when Mortimer finally bought her Thor, the chinchilla she’d always wanted – she was going to have a little brother or sister. Thursday ended up getting the bigger bedroom, which Cass resents somewhat, and she wishes her little sister wasn’t so noisy. On the other hand, it’s gotten her dad off her back a bit.

Thursday Goth

Age: 3

Traits: Loner, Light Sleeper

Mortimer Goth always wanted a large family. Bella was happy with just the one. So when her contraception failed and she found herself pregnant again, Mortimer was delighted. Bella, already resentful of the dominance of the Goth family in their lives, and the way Mortimer was still happy to play up to their reputation, chose to name the child Thursday as a play on the Addams’ Family’s Wednesday, purely to spite her husband. Yet it didn’t work – Mortimer seemed to think the name suited the child perfectly. Thursday is still too young to fully understand what life has in store for her, but she does know that she rarely spends time with Mummy, Daddy and Cass all at the same time. She also knows that there are a lot of arguments and that sometimes they seem to be about her. She also knows most of the town’s babysitting community – and which babysitters she prefers to have. She can’t wait until she’s a big girl like Cassie and can go to school.


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