Why do a hood blog?

I was a big fan of TS1 and one of the things I didn’t like about TS2 was how hard it was to play the whole hood in the same way (particularly given the way ageing works in that game).  I was also less than keen on this in TS3 at first, given the way it encourages you to play one family.  Although I’ve come to really enjoy single-household play in the form of all the challenges I’ve done, I’ve always wanted to run a TS3 hood, and now there are plenty of mods available, it’s much easier to do.  Believe it or not, Kingsfield has been in the pipeline for about a year, if not longer, but I had to discipline myself and finish my PhD and Operation: Population and Rainbow Knights first.  Seeing other hood blogs such as Lakeside Heights, Heredon Cove and Ani’s Dwelling has given me plenty of ideas about how both the gameplay and the blogging will work and I’m really grateful for all of those guys.  The aim is to keep this going through the inevitable Sims 4 although that’s subject to change.

Is this a BACC or Prosperity challenge?

No, although the blog has a lot in common with some of the excellent blogs that document such challenges (my favourites are linked to on this site or on Rad’s Sims Stuff).  It’s not challenge-driven, although it’s possible that some of the sims/households in the hood will do mini-challenges if I fancy it.

Is this a story or gameplay-driven blog?

Kind of a bit of both.  I have some ideas of storylines for some sims, but most of it will be driven by gameplay and particularly the wants sims throw up.  Some sims will have their wants and LTWs actively pursused, others, er, won’t.

Will you use cheats?

Some families will be played using cheats (especially max motives and money cheats) but others will be played straight.  I’ll probably document this as I go.

What happens to canon?

EAxis canon is out of the window, I’m afraid.  I hated how in TS2, for example, they’d done things to the Goths that disrupted the personal canon I’d created for them in TS1.  So the Goths in this story ignore TS2 and to an extent ignore TS3 – they follow on from my TS1 gameplay.  Alexander does not exist in this story.  There are some EA families in the story but I’m choosing to take whatever EA stuff I fancy from them and disregard the rest.  For sims you may have seen in my story or others’ stories, there will be vague attempts at squaring them with the canon, but vague is the right word here.

How does time pass?

Err, I don’t know yet.  The gameplay is set to ‘epic’ to leave me more time/control.  I haven’t decided yet how I will deal with time passing aside from that.  My guess is the younger sims will progress through the age stages somewhat rapidly but the adults won’t.

What is an ROS?

A list of ‘random occurrence scenarios’.  In my case, there are 100 scenarios in my current list, from the small to the large.  I rolled up ten of these for starters, each attached to a different household.  I’ve allowed myself to reroll one event and one family per ’round’.  A ’round’ is not being defined by any specific passage of time; once I’ve done all the scenarios, I’ll roll some new ones.  You can read more about these on the relevant page.

How are you using mods?

Experimentally at the moment!  I use most of the NRaas mods – Master Controller is vital for flicking between houses, making sure sims are in the right job, tweaking their skills if needed, tweaking outfits and so on.  Story Progression is set to not assign sims to new jobs (although it still seems to be doing that despite my say-so – hmmm), to move new sims in, to allow pregnancy or break-up marriages.  Once the hood is more established I may tweak it more and I will probably personalise the settings per house.  At the moment I am not having celebrities or occult sims in the hood.  I’m not allowing same-sex pregnancy or elder pregnancy in order to be true-to-life (adoption or sperm/egg ‘donation’ will be totally fine though).  Teen pregnancy is allowed, teen marriage is not.  I also use 3Booter with an FPS limiter (essential) and the ‘no reaction’ mods.  I’ve used Anach’s mods in the past although I don’t have them in right now.

How is the hood set up?

I don’t have time to fiddle with Create-a-World and Sunset Valley has a lot of what I need so I’ve based it there for now, with some tweaks.  I’ve used the existing rabbitholes (and some replacement ones) but I may make my own rabbitholes in time.  Some of the other community lots are built from scratch, others downloaded, others are EA ones.  The houses are a mix of my own, EA’s and those from other people – I’ll be tweaking the dwellings as I play different families.  Building everything at once seemed like a chore.  The hood is separated into districts: clubs, pubs and restaurants are in one district, there is going to be an artists’ district in time (not yet built), a university district (currently under construction) and a beachside district (not yet built) which will eventually have a holiday park and B&B as well as relevant attractions.  More suburban homes are in and around the centre (residential district), which houses some of the key buildings (e.g. theatre, grocery shop, school), whilst others (e.g. police, fire, consignment) are more on the outskirts.  There’s no film studio in town, nor specialist pet parks (although I am yet to build my parks so they may be implemented).  The hood is very much a work-in-progress and will be worked on as I go along.

Will there be any familiar sims?

Of course!  About 60% of the town are sims from Sunset Valley, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, Bridgeport and the base library (the Funkes and co).  There are a small number of sims from my stories and from other people’s stories, and a few of the sims I made for GoS’s create-a-sim challenge also show up.  The rest are new sims.

Which sims will you focus on?

I don’t know right now!  I doubt it will be everyone, but it’ll mostly be done on a whim.

Will there be adult content?

Yes, probably. I’ll try and remember to flag posts as such though.


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