The Goth home

They live in this old TS1 house, which you can get from Kate’s Kreations in her recreation of Simsville. I don’t think it’s where the Goths start out in that game, but it’s where I moved them to, so in my mind it’s the Goth house.

The nursery

The sitting room. Mortimer refuses to have a television or other modern concessions in here so that it’s in keeping with the period of the property.

There’s not much in here – a chess table, bookcase, some seating and statues/art.

Then there’s an activities room – the only TV in the house is in here, along with a stereo and lots of skilling equipment.

The kitchen was kitted out for Bella…

Still classic but a little more contemporary and functional than the Goths would traditionally have.

A classic Goth master bedroom. Bella refuses to sleep in here, so it’s reserved for guests.

It’s all very turn of the (20th) Century…

The most contemporary room (to Mortimer’s chagrin) is his and Bella’s bedroom.

It has an en-suite. There’s another, smaller, bathroom on the ground floor.

The landing, with office area.

Cassandra’s childhood room…

Her teen room is very similar, but with new wallpaper, a different bed and a couple of different pictures on the wall.


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