This is the list of Random Occurrence Scenarios I am using. Those used in this ’round’ are highlighted in bold. Some ROS events are for the hood, not households/sims. Events and households are randomly rolled but I’ll choose which sim in a given household receives the event.

  1. Lose Job
  2. Change career
  3. Win on the lottery – gain 100, 000 simoleans.
  4. Invest – invest in a business.
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Adoption
  7. Shock death
  8. Illness
  9. Change image – new hair and outfit.
  10. Move house
  11. Leave town
  12. Remodel a room
  13. Unexpected flirt
  14. Unexpected kiss
  15. Fulfil my wishes – every want must be fulfilled where possible.
  16. Go for LTW – actively pursue LTW.
  17. Change LTW
  18. Spend some LTH
  19. Visit a new neighbour
  20. Make a new friend
  21. Visit gym
  22. Visit pool
  23. Public woohoo
  24. Visit shop
  25. Visit park
  26. Visit theatre
  27. Visit town hall
  28. Risky woohoo
  29. Learn new skill
  30. Lose a friend
  31. Break-up
  32. Fight!
  33. Eat Out
  34. Dance the night away
  35. Buy something ridiculous
  36. Change favourites
  37. Get a pet
  38. Find a bug
  39. Hunt for gems
  40. Get a small pet
  41. Go for a run
  42. Holiday
  43. Try dating/flirting with the ‘other’ gender – Predominantly gay sims experiment with the opposite sex, and vice versa.
  44. Give to charity
  45. Someone moves in
  46. Blind date – a random date with a random sim.
  47. Party at home
  48. Party out
  49. Social hobby – take on a social hobby (e.g. book group, chess tournament)
  50. No service sims
  51. Ignore my wishes – don’t fulfil any wants.
  52. New haircut
  53. New clothing
  54. Garden remodel
  55. New car
  56. Employ a service sim
  57. Prank
  58. Shape up
  59. Slob out
  60. Give a gift
  61. Help a neighbour
  62. Lose temper
  63. Do something nice
  64. Skinny dip
  65. Skinny dip with someone
  66. Public woohoo with a stranger
  67. Risky woohoo with a stranger
  68. Sell something
  69. Birthday!
  70. Neighbourhood event – take part in one of the neighbourhood events (e.g. athletics tournament, grillathon)
  71. Stay out late
  72. Skip school/work
  73. Work hard
  74. Max motives – cheat your motives static.
  75. Motives dynamic – the opposite of the above.
  76. Story progression only – player can’t control this household.
  77. Full control – story progression can’t be used on this household.
  78. Social embarrassment
  79. Get/lose glasses
  80. Get tattoo
  81. Become more square
  82. Become more outlandish
  83. Game with another sim
  84. Game with another sim for money
  85. Start a garden
  86. Only home cooking
  87. Freeload – try and live for free as much as possible.
  88. Pay no bills
  89. Sneak in to a club
  90. Crash a party
  91. Befriend colleagues
  92. Slack off/sleep at work
  93. Banner header – become the blog’s banner header.
  94. Cameo in someone else’s story – ask for volunteer simmers to feature you in their stories.
  95. Exempt from next ROS
  96. Merge households (neighbourhood event)
  97. New sim in town (neighbourhood event)
  98. New household in town (neighbourhood event)
  99. Build new venue (neighbourhood event)

Households who have a ROS this time: Bunch, Freshers, Andrews, Grandpas, Fox, Seltsam, Glover, Jolina-Moss, Single Mothers.


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