The Millers and the artists (BTS)

Sims are never really what you expect. These latest play sessions are testament to that. My main aim was to play with the artists, although I’ve also been flicking between the Goths, McIrish/Frenches and Keatons a little bit.

The artists’ homes have had a bit of a makeover since my last post about them. Loads of my CC has vanished, presumably after some patch or other, but I really can’t be bothered to do much about it, so I’ve just renovated instead. I like Fia and George’s place more now anyway.

To be honest, I like all of the artists’ homes a lot more than I like the sims themselves.

I anticipated Fia and George’s story would be all ‘ooh, the conflicts of being different’ with her being arty and him less so – but it seems they couldn’t care less about their differences. Or about anything much.

In fact, the only interesting things the three households in the artists’ block are doing are using each other’s beds, chairs, cookers etc (more annoying than interesting)…

…and George extinguishing some waffles Jeannie left cooking.

I’ll play them a bit still as I want to get this art exhibition happening, but as for telling their stories – that’s less likely unless they do something of note.

I’ve started building homes for people like Lemoine and Sally who you saw in the update, who weren’t even meant to be anything other than background… but I fancy designing for them, so maybe you’ll see more of them.

By far the most interesting thing that happened when I played with the artists was seeing these two in the kitchen at the party autonomously getting friendly. So I quickly shifted households…

Oh yeah. This is going to be fun.

Speaking of fun, the Millers were only ever thrown in as a background family. They come from Appaloosa Plains and they were all bedecked in horsey gear, which kind of looked a bit daft, so I decided to give the mum a makeover. And when I was in the household, I saw this…

Couple that epic (game-attributed) LTW with a military dad a story is born…

Already I am having a LOT of fun with Maisy in pursuit of her LTW so expect to see more from her soon. Her parents I’m still getting to grips with, but she is amazing. I love her.

I love new moodlets – this is from the tablet computer.

The school disco was the game’s prom, and when that appeared just after selecting Maisy’s household, it was too good to resist. But more on prom, and on her and Davy, next time we see them. Funnily enough, this is the girl I’d expected to play a similar storyline with – a remake of one of my TS2 sims – but now I’m more interested in Maisy than Kelly, so I’m excited to see if their paths ever cross…


6 comments on “The Millers and the artists (BTS)

  1. Oh I’m so glad you decided this! Maisy is my favorite so far. I find this funny because I can’t stand their App Plains selves. I might have to give them/her a better chance one day.

    • Yeah, some exciting sims in the hood – and the best thing is that it’s what the game throws at me more than what I’ve thought would happen

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