The Miller Household

Jacquie Miller

Age: 36

LTW: Perfect Garden

Traits: Family-Oriented, Neat, Vegetarian, Athletic, Friendly

Jacquie was never a conventional military wife. She once dreamed of being a model, but getting pregnant at nineteen put paid to that. She’s since dabbled in several things and her latest buzz is gardening. She wants to get Kingsfield on an organic kick… and preferably via the produce she herself plants and tends.

She’s a fairly liberal parent and wants her daughter to have as normal a teen-hood as possible, something she and Quincy don’t always see eye to eye on.

Quincy Miller

Age: 37

LTW: Astronaut

Quincy has always been a man of duty: to his country, to his wife and to his daughter. He’d die to defend any of the three. But his little Princess is growing up… and he’s not too keen on the fact.

Maisy Miller

Age: 16

Maisy’s sixteen with the world at her feet and hormones running wild. All she can think about is living in the moment… and that, right now, means sex, parties, drinking and doing everything her father would disapprove of. She’s still planning on getting good grades though…

Maisy’s mosaic

Name: Maisy

Favourite drink: Funky Bison

Favourite colour: Grass green

Favourite weather: Spring showers

Dream activity: Sex in the rain

Favourite dessert: Melon sorbet

Something I love: Being admired

One word that describes me: Fresh

Something else about me: I like to live in the moment


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